... the new Kalk Pets 12inch of Hannover’s finest House export Le Rok features the deep grooving track “Lover & Friend” alongside two remixes by Grinser and Chica Paula. ... The 12" now available!. See links below.
"Wenn ich alt bin, hätte ich Le Rok gerne als Krankenpfleger an meiner Seite. Denn neben Kaffee und Tofu-Aufläufen würde er den ganzen Tag als digitale Rummelplatz-Schießbude um mich rumschlawenzeln und mir seine ganz spezielle Vision von House vorspielen. ..."

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Le Rok • Lover & Friend

According to the motto “my house is your house” the new Kalk Pets 12inch of Hannover’s finest House export Le Rok features the deep grooving track “Love & Friend” alongside two remixes by Grinser and Chica Paula. The original mix is a soft burner that hugs you gentle with subtle melodies, touching vocal samples, and a deep absorbing bass line. Chica Paula’s interpretation transforms the original into a dark magical nugget that leaves much space for the listener’s own imagination while delivering slow-motion House deepness. The most up-tempo dancefloor oriented revision comes from Grinser. The resident DJ of Berlin’s Club der Visionäre transforms the original into a magic and funky House gem that is perfect for musical guidance during sunny days and long sweaty nights. Three versions under one groove that need no big speed to lift your spirits!

Label: Kalk Pets • Format: EP • Kat. #: Kalk Pets 22 • Releasedate: 01st september 2012


Le Rok • Approx Twelve

Three years ago Karaoke Kalk released the debut by Le Rok, fittingly named Hausarbeiten, indoor works - a choice collection of home recorded tracks which may have been produced in the course of six long years but put together resulted in an album with varied themes but a close stylistic connection between tracks. Le Rok and his songs need and take their time. Now, three years later, enough new tracks have coalesced to come to life as Approx Twelve.

Every single track on the new album has an individual history starting out with the idea for a song in the classical sense of the word. Going on from this solid foundation Le Rok rather casually collects than produces the elements from which the tracks are put together like mosaics. This results in a specifically relaxed setting - which not necessarily means slow or quiet - while lots of little things cling themselves tightly around the spine that is the basic song. This method only works when the necessary time is taken for those small pieces to grow together into a whole. In the end everything is one unit comprising all the elements from the initial song to the final beat.

Although the tracks take shape as a construction of digital bits and cuts, the songs never lose themselves inside the technical devices from which they derive. Inbetween all the tight textures remains a slight sense of melancholy which is not hiding itself but needs to be found. All the while the beats may stay up front but they are not consuming what is definitely there to be listened to.

Le Rok is the project of Christoph Döhne from Hannover in northern Germany. And maybe this not exactly urban setting is the reason for a specially relaxed way of looking upon things and time and thus keeping a specific sense of otherness.

Label: Karaoke Kalk • Format: CD/EP • Kat. #: Kalk CD 37 • Releasedate: march 2007


Le Rok • Hausarbeiten

le rok is from hanover, is in his everyday life called christoph döhne, and "hausarbeiten" is his musical debut. it is not easy to put a definite name to his music, as the twelve tracks on his album are all rather different. sometimes minimal, then again pop-like, sometimes even with a trace of rock;sometimes gloomy, then again cheerful; twice with vocals and otherwise without. there is one thing all tracks have in common though: the beat is always prominent. this quality provides the album with continuity, forms a bracket to include its diverse parts and turns it into a unified whole. with this compilation of tracks created between 1997 and today, le rok demonstrates how playful and cheerful music can sound. and this may be the reason why he has found his home on karaoke kalk, which has never been about the pursuit of one particular idea of music but about presenting music in its diversity and confusion.

Label: Karaoke Kalk • Format: CD/LP • Kat. #: Kalk CD 18 • Releasedate: 24. march 2003


Lover & Friend • Nils Nordmann Remix

Nils Nordmann is born in 1976. He is a composer for electronic music, school teacher and tutor for electronic music at the university. His classes are: „Geschichte und Ästhetik der elektronischen Musik“ WS 2010/11, „Elektronische Musik im Spannungsfeld zwischen U- und E-Musik“ SS 2011, „Geschichte, Genres und Ästhetik der Elektronischen Musik“ WS 2011/12 and “Have you got Jack? – Zur Geschichte und Produktion elektronischer Tanzmusik“ SS 2012. He took part in several music projects: Koenigin Mutter, Situation Leclerq and others. The Remix is downloadable for free in the Soundcloudplayer below!

Follow his blog under: nilsnordmann.de